An Orange Farm-based Voter’s Dilemma

Walking on water
A (school) boy walks on muddy grounds in Orange Farm \ Image: Themba Jay Consulting

About a month or two back, it rained non-stop for almost two weeks. The above-mentioned township, under-developed, with roads un-tarred and all, turned wet, soggy and annoyingly muddy, that I coined the tagline: “Orange Farm. The Master Chocolatiers.”

For months now, political rhetoric has been the order of the day, dominating news cycles. The country is steadfastly charging towards the momentous national elections day.

As all this is happening, I am in a dilemma (*chuckles* sounds a tad like, “I am Malema”)! Deeply hurt, mainly by the inequality which still plagues our country and its people. I suppose many would suggest the ever-increasing inequality in our society and the even deeper corruption which has become commonplace are far less painful than Apartheid. For me, it’s much more painful when it is mostly the very people of colour in (political) power who suppress their fellow brothers and sisters.

Oh! Perhaps if the masses knew in 1994 that those they trusted with the newly-found political freedom would be blinded by power, and the gold-and-silver, it would soften the blow. We’d scramble for a little comfort in the adage: “Lixhoshwa libhekile!”

Personally, this is akin to a family member you hold in high regard sticking a knife on your unsuspecting back.


Will voting for the Democratic Alliance be a gamble? They’ve not clearly outlined their strategy and goals. They merely blame and discredit the African National Congress at every chance they get — which I think the party has mastered well on its own. The ruling party hasn’t said anything it hasn’t in the past 20 years, either. Waxing lyrical about the same lofty promises which have since become stale.

Perhaps I say this because they haven’t knocked on my door to offer me a free yellow t-shirt and food parcels. Or, a brand new house, in the bustling presence of an SABC television news crew. And Gedleyihlekisa’s very head-of-stately laugh, of course.

Be that as it may, I will vote — and yes, I’ve weighed my options: what I feel strongly about, the country’s future, mine, my kids’ future, et cetera and so forth. So who will I go for, you wonder . . .

Uhmmm, tell you what . . . with the unpredictable weather, it appears as if some rain might fall — let me go get my water boots.