Ball playing
Image: Themba Jay Consulting

For these ball-jiggling champs (photographed in Soweto, Phiri), happiness depends on whether their ball is fully pumped and whether they can play with it.

I remember the days I was their age; we would go out early in the morning with friends only to return early evening. Our parents would often give us a serious hiding not for coming back late, but, where did we eat, if at all?

The point I’m driving at, though, is about the importance of passion for the things you do in your life.

I figure, for instance, when you run a business as a young person it is important not to get distracted. Especially by the bling and other worldly things.

The need to impress other people and live up to their expectations and models proves futile. If you make enough money to sustain and eventually grow the business, that’s the important part.

Let your happiness be determined by the very simple things you hold dear, nothing more, and you will figure out the rest later.

Interestingly, the rest often falls into place effortlessly when you simplify matters and run in your own lane.