Image: Themba Jay Consulting

I am convinced the dark serves us a chance to sharpen our sight and give us increased ability to navigate our way.

Without the benefit of light, one has to activate other senses — be sharper and intuitive. In his book, Blink. The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, Malcolm Gladwell refers to our unconscious mind as the locked door that cannot be accessed willy-nilly. Example: You’re asked to taste different jams, say about five, and you single out one as being the best among all and you’re asked to explain your choice, you might find it difficult to do so. The reason being, you made your choice using the locked door in your mind — your subconscious. This is why it is hard to explain and unpack the snap decisions we make daily.

Looking into the dark is not such a bad thing after all. I have learnt that uncertainty is okay and should be embraced — it’s from that that life can be constantly renewed and elevated.

It’s important that cultivate the ability to make decisions and act under immense uncertainty, or darkness, if you like.

Learn to live and dance at the edge of pandemonium, as it were. When you cross the road and you realise there’s a car speeding toward: do you need to think about whether you need to move out of the way or you simply step back as quickly as possible? You do the latter, of course. You make a snap judgement; you think without thinking.

When the darkness looms, walk through it and know it’s okay if you aren’t able to properly make sense of what goes on in it — your mind does.