Never abandon it


It would have been a spectacular building, but now abandoned

He was a promising young man, let’s call him Bongani. To be more precise, he was the epitome of potential in youth. I — and many other people — developed high expectations of him; his academic brilliance had me believe he would have the world at his feet in his lifetime. I was impressive academically at high school, too, but I genuinely and openly acknowledged: If he surpasses me, even better! He is amazing! I wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

How dramatically our roles would be reversed six odd years later. Now I shudder at the thought of his brilliance nestling in the rubbish bin. Today my former class mate is nothing more than a drug user and peddler. My heart sinks every time I see him.

Whatever circumstances you find yourself in, try not to lose the hunger to seek new knowledge and get better. Immaterial of any current situation you’re in! Get future ready. Let me stop with this airy motivational crap! Anyway, I am reminded of my time as a cashier in a clothing retail store. I read many a website and magazine — I had knowledge from Forbes Africa, Harvard Business Review, Business Insider, GQ, and others breaking out of the pores of my skin. Often, customers asked me why I was working in retail with the mind I have.

My point is a very simple one, though: if you abandon your self-development and thus the hunger to get better, you will look back some time and realise how spectacular you could have been.

So never abandon the hunger to learn and improve.

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