Pen on paper

I do it with a pen and, paper, as it often shivers from the pressure applied, as the ink drops on it and leaves trails, creating a compelling story.

With my mobile phone. Laptop. Notebook. Via the WordPress app. In the morning, during the day; night; on my bed. In the bus, taxi or even train.

On my trips to and from work — or where ever I find myself. About my experiences. More so about others, though. Stories from ordinary folks redefining the norm — doing the epic. People going through shit! I understand how it feels, documenting it gives me perspective.

Content from portraits — captioning stuff, if you will. Make sense of the world. Perspective. Helps me explore. Stretches my brain. Furthers my being sharp. It’s intelligence-gathering. Teaches me more about people and life. And after a lot is said and done, it makes me more imaginative — I know how some situations feel before I’ve even gone through them.

I am sympathetic. It improves my sincerity. Grounds me, and bolsters my being authentic.

More than anything, I always aim for my work to be engaging and have impact on all people who consume it. 

I am a staunch fan of conversation. So I seek my writing to feel natural in its tone — when you read this (or anything else I craft), you ought to feel as if I am sitting across the table having coffee with you.

I am Themba Jay — I love writing and telling stories.



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