Image: Totally forgot her name [I’m ashamed]

I do it with a pen and paper (well, as much as I can manage in today’s nose-in-screen generation we’ve become), as … as  it often shivers from the pressure applied, as the ink drops on the processed tree and leaves behind trails, creating compelling stories.

With my mobile phone, laptop, notebook; in the morning, during the day, in the evening, on my bed. The following day, on the bus, taxi, throw in the train in there, too.

On my trips to and from work , or, where ever I find myself. About my experiences. More so about others, though. Stories from ordinary folks redefining the norm  —  doing it epic-ally.

People going through shit.

I understand how it feels, and documenting it all gives me perspective and allows me to create awesome human experiences.

Content from portraits , thus  captioning stuff. Make sense of the world. Perspective. Writing helps me explore. It stretches my brain far and wide. It furthers my being sharp every time I engage it. It is intelligence-gathering. It teaches me more about people and life.

And after a lot is said (or written) and done, it makes me more imaginative . I know how some situations feel even before I’ve even gone through them.

I am empathetic. Words ground me and they bolster my being authentic self. Fully, at that.

More than anything, I always aim for my work to be engaging and have some shred of impact on all people who consume it.

I’ll confess this much …

I am a staunch fan of conversation.

So, I aim for my writing to feel natural in its tone when you read this (or anything else I make with words); you ought to feel as though I’m sitting across the table, having coffee with you.

I am Themba Jay.  I love writing (and telling stories).