A day in a builder’s life

Rain drops

On the above photo, behold the foreground, it is just one drop let. And then look at the background, men working, building a house. The entire rain falls on them; if they are to earn well, they cannot stop.

For these guys, there’s no airconditioned office, cushy couches, Wifi and free coffee. None. They’re working in the rain, their families rely on their income. I can vividly picture a young girl whose current school shoes are torn to shreds and needs another pair. Albeit a little lofty, considering dad’s situation, her expectations are that daddy is going to remedy that situation. And on the other hand, food prices soar continuously.

Behold these men, really look at them, look beyond their clothes and see life in a different light. Perspective. Challenges. Responsibilities. Maturity. Emotional intelligence. This is life. Imagine.

Attempt to walk a kilometre in a builder’s boots. Or, even better, imagine yourself wearing uniform that belongs to one.