Time apart made no difference

Time did not matter, and it was not a week or a few months for that matter. A time filled with a blatant denial of the true feelings that exist between us, filled with ex boyfriends and girlfriends and none of those ex people of ours left a strong enough impression to deter the strength of what we feel for each other. Unscathed my affection prevailed.

After some time knowing her, this feels precisely like what we ought to be doing.

I am reminded of a conversation I had with a friend some time ago. I said to the guy, almost unconscious of my train of thought: I think the problem with us young men is that we’ve accepted models of beauty that have been sold to us by the media. So we’re constantly comparing the women we meet with the ones that are photo-shopped in glossy magazines. I think, if you can have a fulfilling conversation, and nothing else, with a woman and you leave feeling content, you’ve got to stick there.

Only after a while did I make the connection of where that statement came from.

Having a conversation with this woman about everything is fulfilling, even the bits we often lose track of and wonder what we are talking about, and why. Hilarity. Well, not in so many words (me and being verbose), I am insanely attracted and turned on by the mind and the amazing heart she has.

The physique? God’damnit! I will leave that for an un-published article reserved for our eyes only. Later 🙂

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