Why you should be doing things simpler


I often look at my niece playing around tossing stones. And sometimes, whatever else she finds to occupy her.

She has fun with stuff you’ll find utterly boring and useless. Kids are amazing to observe for this reason. I’m reminded of a saying that goes: a creative adult is a child that survived. That’s very true. Often, as we get old, we stop having fun. We never wander around and get lost in our imagination. We over think things, we complicate them. We get verbose instead of getting to the point succinctly.

That’s why the organisations and people who lead their industries are simple in their execution and, also make an effort to create things that people appreciate and enjoy using.

Apple Inc.

This Calirfonia/Cupertino-based electronics giant is arguably the most valuable company today and a leader in its space in part because they’ve mastered the art of keeping things simple. Think about the iPad. After a few times tapping the around the device, a child aged four finds it easy swiping their fingers across the screen and actually enjoy what they do on the device. The iPhone. When Maatla Seetelo is around, I often play around with his iPhone 5S — I love its simple and sleek design! Hail Jonathan Ive, the London-born Senior Vice President of Design. Steve Jobs once referred to him as his spiritual partner at Apple. Jony also provides leadership and direction for Human Interface (HI) software teams across the company. In a noisy world we inhabit, cutting out the clutter in what you do will make you stand out.

In the video below, he shares some of the things he believes about design (and simplicity): There is a profound and enduring beauty in simplicity, in clarity, in efficiency. True simplicity is derived from so much more than just the absence of clutter and ornamentation. It’s about bringing order to complexity.


Dj Sbu

The assertive and charismatic media entrepreneur often says that the problem that bogs down most people is waiting for the right conditions. Go forth, and if you fail, do so while moving — he often advises. Watch this Instagram video he recorded, as it encapsulates what I believe to be simplicity — and sheer bravery/confidence — at their best. The reason he has been a game-changer in the spaces he operates in. In his caption, he mentions you should move forth and create your own rules — a point that resonates with me and one I hold dear, and it is expressed beautifully in Hip Hop extraordinaire, Talib Kweli’s song titled ‘Inner Monologue’ as well.

Play. Have fun. Have less fear and start moving — things will come together as you go along. Cultivate your child-like curiosity and just perhaps, you’ll connect the dots for that problem that’s been plaguing you for some time. And, remember to keep things simple!