Why should people care about your story?


There’s an avalanche of stories out there that are competing for attention — why do people need to pay attention to yours?

Human beings connect through stories. Begin designing yours thus: own it fully (you are the only one in the world with it), make it authentic and communicate it with total confidence.

I grew up in a shack!

“I grew up in a three-roomed shack. I was afraid to tell the story for the longest time up until recently when I realised that I am strengthening a lot of people by telling them where I come from”, recounted Skinny Sbu Socks founder Sibusiso Ngwenya in an interview with Kaya FM’s Tbose Mokwele. And the problem with difficult backgrounds and stories is that many people can’t shake them off and make peace with their history.

TIP: Your stories are — to use the tree metaphor — your roots. This means you’ll fail to stand strong when you don’t acknowledge where you come from and to some degree, who you truly are. Be proud of your story and trumpet it loudly to the world.

I became known as the Converse All Star guy

Professional Speaker, Vusi Thembekwayo, talking about parts of his story: “When I started Speaking I used to wear All Star shoes. So I’d have an expensive suit then I’ll wear Converse All Stars. Growing up, my mother could only afford to buy us one type of branded shoes and that’s Converse. Everybody had them and they carried social equity.

People used to ask me why I did that: ‘Because the suit tells you where I am going. The shoes remind me of where I’m from‘. And because of that I became known as that Rockstar guy; the All Star guy.”

TIP: Find a way to be unique. Discover your style that’s unlike anything the world has seen. The world over, your journey is uniquely yours and because of this, it allows you to be the only person who does things the way you do.

Jay, confidence is so sexy!

I am reminded of a conversation about confidence with a friend when she said: “… you know, Jay, confidence is sexy!” I’ve never forgotten that. In matters of Story Formation and personal branding, and whether you win big or not, it boils down to how confident you are in yourself.

About carrying yourself like royalty regardless of your current circumstances, Rick Ross advises: “You gotta know you’re a boss before you even blow up nigga! You gotta feel that in your heart. You gotta carry yourself in that manner.”

TIP: Whatever you do with your life, always be confident to bet on yourself!

When you’re comfortable in your own skin and genuinely believe you are the best at what you do, you are more likely to be the best version of yourself.

To take over the world, this is precisely what you need. An awesome story and all of your confidence supporting your telling it eloquently.



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