While you communicate, listen as much!

Listen. Focus. Grow.

The act of social listening using social media channels and the importance of developing an accurate finger to feel the pulse of your market is important for your being effective and master how you offer what you do.

(And in interpersonal relationships alike). Ceasing to talk, and then listening affords you the opportunity to achieve the following:

Stay abreast of industry trends

Industries and markets are known to shift and when they do, they give off signals of change or transformation on the way. Feeling the market’s heartbeat can only be done by being quiet and sharply observant.

Bolster emotional intelligence

One of the best definitions I’ve ever heard of this fascinating subject goes thus: the ability to suss out the room’s temperament having just walked in it.

And in many ways, it’s true. The ability to quickly read and make sense of the signals — however subtle they may be — you receive from your surroundings. Emotional intelligence, in other words, is a must-have in your business skills / leadership toolkit.

Cultivate it by being more attentive to others than only interested in talking.

Tango: it takes two…

Certainly. I’m always appalled by the number of people who never listen to understand what’s being said to them. Instead, they listen all the while on edge. On edge to interject and respond.

I not only find this childish and a habit the world can benefit greatly without, it’s disrespectful of other people’s time, too.

Acknowledging other people is a sign of strength and shows off your level of consideration (and to some degree, maturity). And those are important in a Communicator’s arsenal.

My ultimate submission: Listen twice as much as you speak!



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