3 simple things to elevate your marketing game

People DO judge a book by its cover!

I don’t believe in bells and whistles. I don’t believe in over-the-top marketing where the audience is promised lofty benefits that never get delivered.

But how do you elevate your communications without overselling yourself?

1. Genuinely CARE about your audience

Consider the personal relationships you have in your life, you go out of your way to make the people you care about happy.

Now, take the same love and care and give it off to your audience. Be gentle with them; care for them; court them and obsess over how they want to be served and their lives made better.

This way, you will pay attention even to things your competitors think are useless. Remember: a great Craftsman obsesses even over the components that aren’t seen. One word: care.

2. Develop laser FOCUS

You can do almost everything all at once, granted. Juggle multiple balls, if you will. But to achieve consistent success, you need to find that one thing which sets you worlds apart from other people and hone in on it!

Focus means looking at your personal brand or your business and discarding the things you aren’t supposed to be doing. Develop focus and the path will become clearer.

3. IMAGE: send the right signals

Let me be honest with you: despite that famous saying, people DO judge a book by its cover before taking an interest to even open it.

Your image or product packaging is critical to make your audience to develop initial trust in you. Invest in getting an impressive image.

When you look the part, you send the signal that another person can believe your story because, for one, you put in the time to take good care of yourself. Or care enough about the craftmanship of your product or service.



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