Great public speaking: a must-have in your tool box

Communicate Your Genius

There are a few things in the world that can match reading work written by an articulate Writer. Or, as this post is about, listening to a devastingly eloquent speaking virtuoso.

An eloquent communicator will always command attention and hold an audience’s interest. And there is nothing more enjoyable than listening to someone with a great command of language and vocal colour.

For the obvious reason that we’re human increases the importance of being able to speak well when communicating with other people. Wherever you go, there are people and everywhere you go, people make conversation.

So that makes the art of conversation an essential skill every person needs to take seriously — to make communicating their messages much more seamless. And a delight to engage with.

I want you to imagine for a moment just how eloquent public speaking is a necessity. The attendance of job interviews; accepting an award on behalf of your department at work; delivering a speech as highest achiever at your college graduation; toasting to a large audience at your popular best friend’s wedding. The list goes on and on.

Consider these 3 reasons why you need to begin sharpening your tongue and word-slinging:

It eliminates confusion

You’ve probably heard or encountered situations where unclear communication caused confusion, arguments and often, heartache because something was not communicated the way it was supposed to.

This not only wastes your valuable time, it also breaks down relationships and in the professional world, business deals. Clarity is key.

It inspires confidence

When you’re talking to a group of people and are persuading them to take your perspective or way of doing things, your eloquence will come in handy in how much they believe in your message.

About inspiring confidence, who can forget what was probably Steve Jobs’ best product presentation in his career — the launch of the iPhone — in January 2007? Simply legendary!

Side note: eloquence becomes weak when you don’t intensely focus on sharpening your mind. Being sharp-minded and speaking well is ultimately the combination you need to have.

It makes you memorable

Consider arguably the most powerful speech ever delivered, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jnr’s I Have A Dream. Decades later, it still resonates. Two things are responsible for this: the manner in which the message was delivered (skill) and the soul King poured into it (authenticity).

When you know how to communicate, when you know your audience and know how to reach out with your message and touch their hearts, you become memorable.



Communicate Your Genius