How to make your messages stick

Love your audience!

To succeed, your job involves elevating yourself above the noise emitted by other people selling their products and services. And truth be told, it is a noisy world we find ourselves living and working in.

With all this noise, here are 4 basic strategies to use to make your messages more sticky and more valuable to your audience.

1. Be honest

You will be amazed at how responsive people are when you open yourself to them and communicate from the heart.

Let me insert a serious concern here: Why do many companies have taglines? Because they don’t use them at all when needed!

Lesson: never communicate what you cannot deliver in real life.

2. Communicate your benefits

What do I stand to benefit from using your product or service? How is my life going to change as a result?

Find answers for those questions and then incorporate them in your marketing messages.

Subtle change in your execution: Never sell me the product. Sell me its benefits.

3. Tell stories that resonate

In today’s fast-paced world, consumers find themselves with a lot more information at their disposal. This, put differently, means: basic efforts will never achieve impact.

Fact: human beings love and enjoy stories. History and some parts of culture have always been passed to other generations using conversation and stories. So, when you tie in your communications with intoxicating stories — the possibilities are endless!

Tell great stories about yourself and your business. (Which leads perfectly to my next point).

4. Never dumb down your message

I’ve had many an argument about whether or not one should consider the audience and tone the message down to ensure “everyone gets it”. My position on this is a resounding NO!

You never assume your audience will not understand your message because it is, according to you, lofty.

I respect the audiences I speak to or write for that I never even think of watering down my points to “accomodate” them. People are smarter than many communicators are willing to believe.



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