Your only option: tell a compelling story!


I have often found this to be true: tell a story that people care about and they will tell it for you.

Word-of-mouth still exists and I believe it is more powerful with tools such as WhatsApp that allow one to talk to people all over the world affordably using a mobile device.

Let us make a brief case out of the series, Suits. A friend sold it to me by saying the characters in the series are people I can relate with. The way they eloquently speak, walk and carry themselves — Harvey Specter and company reminded her of how I act, she convinced me.

Take that in. My friend felt the need to tell me about this show — if I am honest, she did an impressive job at selling it to me — I needed to watch because their content is really good. I went ahead and told other people in my network about it and they told others they know. Well, you get the point about how that escalated real quick.

Why am I telling you this, though?

Simple! It is not enough to merely have a story for the sake of having something to peddle.

Consider good writing. When masterfully crafted, its function is to take the words out of the way so the reader can enjoy the journey — the message they are intended to take away. The thing about eloquent writing is that you forget what words were used when you get sucked deep into the story. That is genius. It is art.

And because I am a Communications Craftsman, I believe even greater writing obsesses over the minute details the reader will not even take notice of. Such as those 4 commas in one beautifully-complex sentence — albeit insignificant to some, they will allow the reader to breathe and thus make sense to the audience. Design and function.

Let’s call that process: Content Design.

Go ahead and design an impressive story for your personal brand and business.



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