Add value with what you do!


My belief: in anything you do, you need to seek out the signs that make you special in your field of work.

As a way of example: Say you want to be a professional Speaker. When you stand in front of people and talk to them, how do they respond? Do they display glimpses of excitement; when you say something sad, do they have tears glistening in their eyes?

Or, what do people feel about your paintings and art; your music; your incredible taste in fashion? How do you make people feel with what you do?

The answers, though seemingly inconsequential, are often clear signs of where you need to be channeling your efforts and directing your life.

The number one reason you need to be taking heed of these universal cues is to allow you a premium position in your industry. A position where you can bring and add immense value to the lives of the people to whom you’re of service.

Value. I’d even venture to say that if you can’t add any value with your work, you need to stop doing it. Find something else in tune with your sensibilities and talents. It isn’t enough to merely churn out work for work’s sake.

In his book, Screw it, let’s do it again!, Sir Richard Branson writes about how Virgin Airlines was started. He noticed in one of his trips to Necker Island that other airlines didn’t offer great service that he sat there thinking: Virgin can do better at this! They were able to add value to the market because they identified what other players weren’t doing. This led them to afford taking on British Airways and others. Today, their service is rated highly and among the best.

When you’re starting out in your industry, ensure that you can provide some degree of value. In other words, be good enough for the market and then run toward being the best. For waiting for perfection right at the start is a waste of valuable time. Roll your shirt sleeves and start today!

And while on the topic of starting things, I’ve come to learn a great lesson from a seasoned entrepreneur, who once asserted: It is not about timing the market. It’s all about time in the market that’s going to make you succesful.

So, are you special for the career or sort of business you have chosen to start and immerse yourself in?

Churning out value attracts the money you want to make. If not in it for the money, the support you need for, perhaps, your non-profit organisation. If in it for the fame and applause, prove yourself to be valuable and the applause will get louder.

Value. You are your most valuable asset — always be sharpening yourself!



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