Why well-crafted communications matter


For your audience(s) to fall in love with you and what you offer, craft phenomenal messages that ooze soul!

Then again, why not just focus on making the best product and it’ll sell itself? Why can’t you resort to saving a lot of much-needed money by merely relying on the product to sell itself?

The above considerations are valid and have strong ground. But why is it critical to have superior communications craftsmanship when selling your personal brand or your business to the world?

5 reasons…

1. It’s intoxicating

The special thing with well-crafted communications is its ability to alter the nature of your world when you engage with it.

Take a talented Speaker as an example: he’s one who is technical. Knows when to shout, slow down, speak faster, change accent, when to shut up and let a bombshell sink in.

And during those moments of incredible skill, people lean in, laugh loudly and at times, when sad anecdotes get shared… they shed tears. They feel something; a deep connection occurs when a communicator aims to touch another person’s heart. The feeling lingers longer after the Orator has stopped talking. Be intoxicating!

2. It helps achieve objectives set

As a manufacturer, when you set out to sell a few computers, you communicate the reasons why your products are better to your customers. And when you craft genius messages, you move a few units off the shelves. And more, people spread your story to their networks for you.

You need to have an incredible product. No doubt! But just as important is the clever marketing that sells the incredibility of that product.

3. It builds trust

Imagine a well-written article. Better yet: I am sucker for verbal eloquence, so try recalling the day you heard an utterly well-spoken person hold a conversation with you.

Often, you easily get to trust a person who knows what to say, how, and when to say it.

It is quite simple: when you know your story, there’s no reason for your audience not to believe it.

4. It helps you build an audience

The sort of people who always come back to your blog, Twitter or Facebook page, or YouTube channel by themselves. They don’t need to be dragged to the platform to see anything new from you. An audience is a great asset.

Many companies have to buy ad space to get people’s attention. Quality and well-crafted content aids you in building a strong audience that continually gives you its valued attention to what you offer. That’s priceless!

5. The audience feels valued

From my experience, it takes effort and attention to detail to produce a message that makes another person’s heart dance.

Guaranteed: when you go the extra mile in communicating your vision to your team; your value to a panel of interviewers for a job; why she needs to say yes to your declaration of your undying love for her — you will almost always generate the desired results.



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