3 Quick Tips to Achieve Personal Growth

Be sharp! (Image credit: @LMTailored / Linda Makhanya)

Personal growth and improvement has become my number one asset and predictor of success simply because I have firm control over how much I learn and grow.

If I work to be sharp, intelligent, develop and maintain a great attitude; be emotionally attuned, among other things, I can influence the spaces I occupy and the people with whom I engage. So the idea goes: work on yourself more than you work on any other thing.

Read through these 3 ways of how to begin your personal growth journey…


Make it a point to mentor yourself to be sharper. Make it your goal to have a sexy and engaging mind!

This definitely works for you because you almost always have something interesting and rich to say. And there’s people who love being around individuals who say things in conversation that add value to them.

So be that guy — or woman — who improves the silence when you speak. Interesting people will gravitate toward you.


You think good speaking is only for professional speakers? Get out!

You’re human and you make conversation all the time. When you look at it that way, it becomes crucial that you sharpen your word-slinging abilities.

Wait a second! Imagine yourself sweating profusely and breathing irregularly, gathering back your breath, all the while talking up the security guard at the gate into letting you into the plane after you arrived a few minutes late for your flight. You could still get in. You just need to be convincing and have that dash of authenticity when you talk that makes you likeable.

Talking rather well does not help you only in the boardroom closing deals. It elevates your social life as well — which is important because all work and no play will make you a dull individual.


Look as good as you’re intelligent!

Inspire confidence when someone else looks at you. Jog every morning or every weekend if that’s the only time you get, work out, meditate, whatever. Simply put: look delicious and be eye candy.

The thing with looking good is… just consider the iPad. It raises expectations to be a great device merely from how it looks and feels to the hand. Truth to form, it’s intuitive when you finally play around with it and swipe applications across the screen.

Here’s a sad reality? Most people DO judge a book by it’s cover before they decide to delve in it. So be able to raise expectations that you desire from other people by how you look (though you won’t be able to do it 100% of the time).

Look at it this way: I will be impressed when I look at a guy who has taken the time and exerted effort into how his tie, belt, shoes and accessories, even the skin, look. (After considering other things, of course…) I’ll be inclined to think that if he can take good care of himself like that, he can take care of my business and money. The result? I offer him the contract.

Now, go sharpen yourself — your success depends on it. All the best! 🙂



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