Package yourself, and take your talents seriously!

Let’s call this… self-packaging

One evening, while chilling at home, all excited to be finally watching a local (South African) series called AYEYE. Produced by BOMB Productions, it had my expectations soaring. Needless to say, I loved it! The content, well-delivered.

Then again, I got excited by a rather small detail when the credits rolled up at the end of episode one. Which gave me an idea for this post.

Anyway, let me turn the conversation over to you. What is it about yourself that you can bottle and sell? That ability you have which can serve others well and get you eating?

Apollo Robbins got paid as Con Artist Advisor / Pickpocket Designer on the set of Warner Bros. Pictures’ 2015 film release, Focus, starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I advise you to begin on a journey to finding something that is unique and supreme about yourself.

About this fascinating subject, I learned from talented media professional, Bonang Matheba (more affectionately, your girl… B), a valuable lesson about forming one’s story and packaging it. Speaking as a guest on the Nedbank Talks For Success, she articulated how she found herself, her strengths, packaged them to be the darling and strong international brand we now know her to be.

Her former agent, Anna (may her soul rest in peace), told Matheba: “Bonang, you need to find something about yourself that’s unique. Something about yourself that you can bottle and sell. Which, in turn, will make you stand out from the crowd!”

A penny dropped! This piece of advice got Queen B thinking.

To the cheering audience, Bonang went into a soliloquy on stage: “What do I love to do? Well… I love to talk, I’m sociable and I have a great voice, then they better pay me to talk. I love looking fabulous, they better pay me to look fabulous.”

After this, she uttered something I found valuable that I immediately jotted it down on my notebook. “You need to take yourself seriously. Package yourself like a bottle of water!”

This is the essence of Story Formation & Packaging (personal branding). Treating yourself like the valuable human being that you are and communicating that effectively and confidently to the world.

You know, it would seem quasi-motivational and clichéd if I were to say to you: whatever you love to do with your life; what truly makes you happy — do that for a living! I’m sure you’d want to slap me across the face and tell me to come back to the real world — and be realistic.

I wouldn’t blame you for that. However, I will leave you with this: there are people out there who are doing the things they truly love, are getting paid for them, travelling the world and are living, instead of merely existing.

Oh, and one more thing…

… as the credits rolled up after that scintillating episode of AYEYE, I noticed the title, Music Consultant, and under it, Tebello Motsoane (rapper AKA’s manager). I was intrigued.

Why am I telling you this, though? Well, simply because Tibz is a music man and runs a music and talent management shop and in this case, used his expertise to lend the show beautiful sounds.

With Tebello being a music consultant on the AYEYE personnel, I further realised that one can do what one is really good at in this life. Ultimately, it boils down to your quest of unearthing your uniqueness, bottling it and selling it to the world that’s waiting on your talents.

Well… methinks.



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