Lessons From a Chat with Selebogo Molefe: 4 fundamentals you need to succeed!

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I remember leaving the coffee shop we had been sitting in — Braamfontein, Johannesburg — with my mind full. You know the saying about when a mind gets stretched to new depths it can never go back to the same capacity it had before — well, something to that effect.

These are instances when great conversation is more fun than anything else imaginable.

Anyway, read through the take-aways from one of my recent conversations with CEO of Lifesgud Global Investments (also founder of The Hookup Dinner), Selebogo Molefe.

Dive in…


Don’t stop and start! Consider the church. You are certain that every Sunday at 8:30AM the sermon gets delivered. If you get there at 9:00AM, you miss out! People then, appreciate stability in their lives. Consistency builds trust and a set of habits.

Always think about the church example when you go about your life.


Be sharp when you listen to a TED Talk or read a book by, say, a business person who grew up in a privileged environment.

Please look into that because it answers a lot of questions. Certain entrepreneurs have HUGE risk appetites simply because they grew up in environments NOT struck by abject poverty. And that means some of them may have a financial foundation to fall back on when things awry.

When YOU come from a poor background, and you lose money, you’re less likely to have a safety net to save you. In essence, these guys’ stories will have far less impact compared to, say, the founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma, or Kenny Andam (Kenyan entrepreneur extraordinaire), who both come from abject poverty.

Context then, is everything.


The advent of M-PESA (a mobile system that makes it possible and easy to send money anywhere — especially to places and people without bank accounts or access to them) and the role it went on to play in communities without banking and financial services infrastructure. The bank-less could then transact. This entrenched the mobile device and placed it shoulders-above-the-rest in our economy.

The communication you deliver to people should fit on a phone screen and not always prompt people to scroll down a lot. Be succinct, and allow your audience to take the action you want on that ONE screen.

So, it is now about the delicate art of saying less, but way better!


Be so good that you create an immediate economic need for your services or products.

Each and every single time you have a strategy session about your offering, fight with yourself and your team. Go against and test the strength of your ideas and strategies. Ask of yourself and your team hard questions. This process allows you to prune your flower to have far less — most crucially though, for it to grow back stronger.

Do away with the unnecessary stuff and zoom in on your core. And be the best guy in the world at offering what you do.

Do not be a nice-to-have. Be a burning need in people’s lives!



Communicate Your Genius