What is Story Formation & Packaging?

imageThe process you adopt and execute in order to personal brand effectively.

The reason I decided to term it away from personal branding is for the simple reason that it had become a buzzword which, to some degree, lost its essence. Trying to be fancy! 🙂

And one thing about me is that I love meaning. Impact. When something stops being significant, I ask why, and either fix or discard it.

The advent of the personal brand as a powerful tool to attract people and therefore, opportunities, became exciting for me because I love telling compelling stories (and the effect they have on people).

Story Formation & Packaging then, is the process of taking stock of your story (or your business’ story even), laying it out in a way that’s exciting. And this is where it gets confusing, many people form their narratives with the thinking of being exciting to other people.

It isn’t totally wrong, but I fear you will keep chopping and changing, catering to people’s whims. Rather, lay your story in a way that excites YOU. The rationale is simple: if your own story turns you on, as it were, that energy will be felt by your audience. It will excite them, too.

Why is it so important to form and package your story properly then?

One simple yet critical reason: it is your 2016-and-beyond CV! When you have to create, say, a cheeky video or beautiful-looking resumĂ© to open up an opportunity — it means, at least to me anyway — you don’t have a foot in even before you walk into the interview room.

From my experience, you want to find yourself in a position where you have leverage before you get interviewed. I am talking about getting hired before you enter the boardroom to discuss the minute details.

When your story is strong and well-packaged, you don’t have to write tons of action words and try too hard to portray yourself in the best light possible.

It’s been three years since I discarded the traditional, on-paper “I am dedicated, hardworking and work well in teams and with other people” CV and switched to using my personal brand — blog site, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram — to sell myself. And stand out while at it.

I honestly don’t know how to write an awesome CV anymore. My modus operandi: I do a lot of things in public with my name on them, like writing this blog article. That’s the beauty of the heavily connected, global economy we operate in today. The body of work I produce in these platforms is my way of expressing myself, adding value and introducing myself to new spaces.

It might seem as if it’s a passing fad. Let’s be clear, it is not! However, social media is one of the best things to ever happen in the world we live, and I use it as part of my arsenal to unlock opportunities.

I have that privilege because my story has been properly formed and packaged — and I have been deliberate about it. My online presence is my billboard in that it speaks on my behalf when I am not in the room to do it myself.

So I am encouraging you to go ahead and start packaging your story!



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