Have a Love Affair With Eloquence

Communicate Your Genius

I will tell you one thing, after which you can stop reading this post if you wish: Be a sucker for eloquence (seek it out)!

Below are parts of my story and the evolution I have went through… so, how do I defend this seemingly self-indulgent piece?
I’d rather not! It’s actually a look at the communication mistakes many people make that, to be quite frank, ought not to be made in the first place. I made some, took a lesson out of them and then polished up my skills.

At this point, I am reminded of a time in my life when I sucked at speaking effectively. My writing was not so much of a problem, but in all honesty though, it was not worth writing home about (excuse that rather clever repetition, please).

The result of that was failed assignments at college. More unfortunately, badly written e-mails sent to people who I’d request to either offer me a shot at a junior role in their company or the ocassional messages directed to industry veterans, asking for guidance. (All of them never got back to me.)

In retrospect, I fully understand the reasons why. When a person sends me an abysmally written e-mail message, I often don’t bother reading it! For a simple reason, really: if you do not take the time to fine-tune what you wish to say to me, then why should I take my time to read it? My expectations and standards are exacting.

Consider the following reasons why you need to be more eloquent in the way you Communicate Your Genius

Eloquence: a shot at being heard the way you aim

A lot of misunderstanding occurs when people engage. In other cases it leads to some people’s relations taking serious strain because they either misconstrue a message or it is a case of the message being poorly communicated to them.

Being eloquent will not guarantee you zero misunderstanding in your conversations. However, it will certainly make you have less of them and increase your being effective in the way your message(s) are received.

You become a joy to interact with

I don’t know about you, I love and enjoy listeing to a person with a great command of language and vocal colour. It enhances the whole experience of engaging with them.

When you speak or write well (and have the smarts to back it up), you become a highlight in a conversation for many people. This is precisely where you want to find yourself — a place where people are receptive to what you have to say to them.

So, I urge you to go out there, learn every single day how to be better at communicating and…

tap dance when you Speak and Write!