Cars that overtake yours are no better

This morning while in traffic commuting to the office, I realised something about cars; I immediately thought about the road and drew a parallel about life and its looong journey. 

I also remembered my incredibly shrewd father – may his eccentric soul rest in peace. Love you Dad! 

Anyway, my father used to tell me that when cars pass you by at speed and make you feel as if you’re stagnant, you shouldn’t give in to the pressure of wanting to race them. And prove to yourself and the other motorists that your car is also fast. Never!

He used to recount stories of how he’d mastered staying in his lane. Always driving at his own pace. (He stressed this point to me and my younger brother.) More often than not, he said, drivers who passed him – making his car and driving speed feel tortoise-y – were found, sadly, crashed further down the highway.

I think we can agree that  you’ll always arrive where you are going, without putting yourself at risk.

It also occurs to me that we stand a better chance of being happier and sane – when we focus less on what other people are doing.