People are important

It’s crazy. At least I feel. That so many people. Dare I say, youth…
Have fell head-deep into the trap of respecting other people when they “look the part”. Speak the right way. And what-have-you.

People often get valued by the type of car they pull up in at the popular shisanyama or car wash ekasi on Sundays. By the people they are seen to be hanging out — which leads to so many stupidly and at times, falsely, name-dropping notable individuals. All this buffoonery so they are seen in a particular light and get some cred.  

Due to learnings from my father and mom, I have come to learn and appreciate that every human being is unbelievably important. Get this: a human being is a big deal.

Immaterial of what they do for a living, how they dress, the mobile device they use or even the accent that emanates from their voice when they speak.

So, let not the gold-and-silver that you accumulate through your hard work — or the view you are fed by our shallow society about what success and personal value look like — pull a wool over your eyes. 

Riches and all that glitters comes a distant second to people. Etch this in your mind: people are important than things. 

I am writing this partly because I don’t want to live in a world where that homeless gentleman, let’s call him Robert, has to forget about being treated as a human being. 

At least I feel.