Insane lack of patience

There is this insane lack of patience that is killing us! and with we, I am referring to young people especially.

Ascending and being a mere “Motivational Speaker” could have been too easy, albeit shallow for my liking. And it’s what many have been telling me to do for the past few years. 

I care about branding, building my value up and talking sense. Talking not motivation, but the how-to’s — the technical bits. Offer tools. The knowledge. NOT IMPRESSIVE QUOTES! 

As a result of this, I have taken a lot of time to properly launch. Of course, the most valuable lessons are derived from the actual execution — not planning and reading up non-stop. That I am aware. Equally, I don’t want to waste your time by getting up and reciting what you might’ve heard from TD Jakes.

I am moving like a tortoise, yes. When I start exposing myself and have conversations that are geared toward adding value and perspective to other people — it will be a monumental shift. A necessary and significant move. 

And in the way of Writing, I’ve long been in the habit of reading international blogs, news websites and the like. 

This is why: To peg and test my work according to global standards. And true to form, I did eventually realise that I am great at this writing thing — after 3 full years of working on , refining my word-slinging abilities. I remember how I have written ridiculous copy on the website before. It was all part of the process of getting sharper.  

Now, because I have been working toward it, I clearly see myself as being one of the best Writers there are in the world. 

I recall Comedian, Trevor Noah, sharing that upon starting to travel the world he learned that South Africans can hold their own anywhere in the world! If only they awakened to it and truly believed that. 

So, having the patience to work on my craft and all the while surveying the global landscape has allowed me precisely that! Incredible amounts of confidence in myself — and the actual skills to go with that.

Let me underline and iterate that…

To accompany your ferocious hustle, the right skills and improved technique are crucial!

At least I feel.