May I borrow your shoes?

Themba Jay Walks


May I?

I’d really love to have those as mine or momentarily stare at them even. They aren’t that fancy; if they were to talk, though, many ears would leap away from heads to gather wisdom.

They’ve walked into unknown territories and came out as strong as ever. You’ve been in the world with them, met new and interesting people. Deals have been clinched while they caressed your feet.

In the way of self-esteem, they have made you look good even when you didn’t think so; these have run in and out of trouble with you.

Memories created and cherished, they grace pictures where you are happy and in other instances, where the world came crashing down on you.

These shoes are yours and as such, have become you, engraved with your character to some degree.

When stormy situations approached, you stood your ground and held firm. In times when others didn’t believe in you, your pursuit wasn’t deterred. You went to bed on an empty stomach when tough times bullied you, still they were neatly tucked away bedside.

Even when life started to flourish, they were there. When you started collecting wine and art, Cuban cigars and engaged in a few other bourgeoisie indulgences.

Looking suave became second nature and globe-trotting became a habit, you could still feel their presence. Good times indeed as you ascended to significance, you became a living legend — all by acting out your purpose.

They were there, just modified with time and circumstance.

I’d love to dip in those, take a walk in them and attempt to internalise what you have accumulated.

I would so appreciate shaking hands with you. Can I even speak to you for a second?

‘Cause I’d love you to take me where you’ve been. Share the experiences you’ve gathered with that pair.

Clothes and other valuables change and tear with time. And I’d argue they don’t carry as much weight in the way of identity.

However, shoes, they somehow remind us of where we’ve been, don’t they?

As such, may I borrow your shoes and imagine where you’ve been?