Woza weekend!

On a lazy Thursday afternoon and many cannot wait for the week-end. It is in these times the watch is closely monitored.

As the hands on it wave in circular fashion, the time-out from industry approaches. Come here you darling — we’ve been waiting for you since Monday!

Others get paid their weekly wage. Nonetheless, some will need bail money no later than eight hours.

Arrests and petty fines will be the order of the day. This spells heartbreak and tears for countless families. All for an attempt to break away from the norm and mundane and for heaven’s sake, just live! Even for a few days, before reality sets in again.

Amajita try their luck as they snatch handbags and other valuables. The famous screams of “Viiiimba!” become inevitable.

Taverns / shebeens become churches of some description for an awful lot. While others almost always do not set foot at their homes from the beginning right through to the end of the madness. Many sleep in police cells and others, dismissed from work.

In some places, they have fun… or do they?

Girls wail in excitement, alcohol flows like an endless river – quenching thirst, which then often goes on to create thirst.

Money gets ravaged, more so in the presence of the exquisite creations that are beautiful women; whom history tells us we cannot resist. Or the appearance of a mildly handsome man; if not that, a relatively monied one will do then! They are almost always never in short supply.

At the back of this, children and mothers are worried sick ‘cause fathers haven’t come back since…

Come Monday morning and the same hymn is sung from various (hymn) sheets — Woza Weeekend!