Communicate your genius

Go ahead. Learn how tell a great story!
Learn how to tell a great story!


For a moment, I want you to imagine every single individual on earth with the ability to tell great stories about themselves in conversations. Or whenever they pitch their ideas to other people.

How delightful would that be?

Communicate Your Genius shares experiences, information, tools and insight on how to do this! (Especially with the emergence and power of online media.)

I remember 2008 vividly, when I graduated from high school. After being thrown into the world, I struggled mentoring myself to become an eloquent communicator. After a few years of hard work, I finally attained the ability to communicate effectively.

Before I reached that point, though, I struggled fully partaking in conversations at college, for instance. Even more sadly, I didn’t get to share the knowledge and insight I had. (Part of it was due to a lack of self-esteem.)

Now, I surprise myself when I speak and write. More specifically how I add value to the people with whom I come into contact.

Anyway, my name’s Themba Jay and I am a Storyteller: Copywriter, Blogger and Speaker who loves sharing knowledge about communication, marketing and personal branding at the intersection of digital media. I have subsequently started a workshop series.


I started Communicate Your Genius because it is heart-breaking coming across scores of young people, especially peers in the township I come from, lacking the ability to write a great email! What has become a mundane task to many other people is a mission to many others.

It is even more saddening to learn that a lot of them don’t even know how to write effectively! Let alone speak clearly and get their messages across. And that has become normal.

Personally, I felt the dire need and importance of building an impressive online presence when I first learned about blogging and social media in a Journalism class at college. I understood how online media was going to fundamentally change how we communicate immediately after that lecture in 2011.

Now, I fully appreciate how a strong online presence can bolster businesses, projects and elevate personal brands ordinary people are building.


So, Communicate Your Genius is a workshop series that belongs to ThembaJay.Com , developed to equip (especially young) people in high schools, tertiary institutions; and corporate businesses on the importance of communicating effectively to the world — and most crucially, HOW to do it.

The series offers content and lessons on the following disciplines:

  1. Communication (Writing and Speaking effectively)
  2. Story Formation & Packaging (Building a Personal Brand)
  3. Email Writing (mainly for high school students)
  4. Blogging
  5. Marketing
  6. Creating Content
  7. Social Media Training
  8. Creating a 2016 CV / Resumé
  9. Building Relationships Online

With the current school curriculum not tailored to offer this type of education, it becomes difficult for many young people to exist and thrive in the ‘new / digital / connected’ economy we now live in.

Where talking to someone in France in real time using WhatsApp doesn’t seem like magic. It has become normal. But are young people equipped to take advantage of all this connectivity their generation enjoys?

Young South African people like Trevor Stuurman, Vusi Thembekwayo, Linda Makhanya, Tony Gum and the Soweto-born creative trio, I See A Different You, are great examples of how taking advantage of this major cultural shift and forming a strong narrative about yourself can lead to life-changing opportunities.

That’s precisely the insight I want to broadcast!

Over the years, I have learnt the ability — and importance — of telling a story. By waxing lyrical or tap dancing with my pen. This way, I transfer my energy, inspire, change mindsets and teach. I have figured that I love this stuff!

Through a digital marketing programme I completed in 2015, I  had the privilege of presenting to 30 high level executives at global consulting firm, EOH (Johannesburg office), about how they should go about re-inventing their online presence. However, the major highlight was how I floored the audience!

I felt in control, possessed the skills and because of this, I excelled.

Now imagine feeling this way every time you have to tell your story?

You are valuable!
You are valuable!

Ultimately, I am a comnunication and marketing practitioner rooted in the practice of sharing knowledge and experiences on how we can use compelling stories to advance ourselves.

Through CYG, I aim to get other young people to have the ability to be compelling and mesmerise through their stories.




If you wish to book or find out more about the workshop for yourself, your school or organisation, send an email to (email subject: Communicate Your Genius) OR call / WhatsApp 076 729 3951 and I will get back to you! 🙂