Digital authenticity: don’t lose yourself!

There have been countless books and text in a myriad forms published on the fascinating subject of human relations, and by extension, success.

But by far the most scintillating is Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers. Through this nifty piece of work, he argues that how people become the best in their endeavours and go on to succeed is a matter of factors we often neglect.

These include — but are not limited to — when and where we are born, the environments in which we develop ourselves, the (growth) opportunities presented to us and the people with whom we spend our time.

And I feel, the last one holds significant power.

How you choose to be influenced by those around you leaves an indelible mark on your growth and how you eventually turn out as you evolve.

This leads me to my focal point about not losing yourself, and getting sucked in and altered by the noise that others make in the pathways and alleys of the internet.

Find peace within your own skin, surround yourself with great people and avoid consuming negative content. Well, why?

Because you have to be authentic online (and pretty much everywhere you find yourself!), not keep up with whomever or seek to impress them.

And delightfully, the beauty of this care-free online media deal is this: no one seems to be paying attention to anyone.

Not in the short term anyway!

Because everyone is drinking the same cool aid of wanting to be COOL according to other people’s standards — to the detriment of their image.

Using the vast power that comes with the connectivity and tools we have in this generation to keep up with the proverbial Joneses is selling ourselves short!