Fuck it, I’m a teen! The internet, social media and teenagers

I am reminded of something my father was fond of saying to me…

“Khula nawe uzozibonela mfana wam’; nawe uyakhona kuley’ nkinga!”

“You will grow up and see the things I am telling you about. You, too, are coming toward such problems.”

He would say this when he felt as though I was not really getting the message and wisdom he was imparting. And he understood that I couldn’t be appreciative of what he was teaching me before I went through it, and had firsthand experience.

Many of the things he said to me resonate today. I go through a situation and often remember his words. It’s an amazing feeling that he is watching and guiding me somehow even when he isn’t with me anymore. His teachings linger.

The same is NOT true when it comes to the sort of content you out up on the internet when you are young and reckless.

Which brings me to the crux of the matter:

When you are at the stage of fuck-it-I’m-a-teen, it seems as though you won’t grow to face the wrath of your actions. Especially over the internet.

It will be very sad to lose opportunities when you are an adult, over the recklessness you broadcasted and the name you’ve built yourself when you were wet behind the ears.

And of course, this is not to say you should censor yourself online. By all means, live fully.

Remember this, though:

Your online reputation often precedes you!