Mental strength during transitions and hardship

How big is the gap between where you currently are and where you envision to go?

Often, that is the cause of distress for many people. Certainly, it has been the case for me a few times.

Consider how former professional boxer, Mike Tyson, emerged from a dilapidated background and went on to be a winner, generating millions of dollars in income. And became an example of just how we can transcend almost any challenge(s) we face.

The biggest challenge was when he was working his way up the ranks, often with no food at home; so the ability to focus at the gym while he was hungry and broke is pure strength!

That right there is what you need to practice and master; not losing sight of why you started when hardship strikes. (Guaranteed, those times are coming! If you are not already engulfed by them.)

How we think — and view the temporary hard times — as we navigate life in pursuit of our goals will determine whether we win or not.

It’s the truth. Though overly romantic when you are going through hell and to some degree, certainly not believable:

Difficulty is progress!