Bearded Villains: turning bearded gentlemen into a global community


Whenever I think of the beauty of this movement, I am reminded of legendary author and marketing mastermind, Seth Godin.

His first book I ever read is titled, Tribes, and he makes a compelling point: people that are like you, love the same things you do are scattered all over the world.

This is to say we need more of people who have the guts to stand up and lead.

Tribes of different kinds are everywhere. Consider the author, Chimamanda Adichie, who grew up in Nigeria (she now lives in America). She has a large group of people who love and follow her amazing stories. Through her work, she inadvertently started and leads a tribe.

The gentlemen who started Bearded Villains wanted to celebrate guys with beards. They created a lifestyle out of that. Because of this, like-minded individuals were drawn to be part of this movement as it grouped people with the same interests.

What started off casually now boasts awards (yes, a beard competition), a clothing brand, accessories such as phone pouches, haircare products made specifically for beards, worldwide travels / get-togethers and other cool stuff.


It is now a global phenomenon. As you guessed, there’s Bearded Villains UK, Spain, Mexico, et cetera. These folks know they have a tribe they can connect to when they arrive in another part of the world.

Anyway, this is a long way of saying, with the tools we have at our disposal today, starting a movement around your interests is far easier. And the connectivity spreads it further afield in the world.

Case in point: when you love the business side of Hip Hop, start a blog about the subject. Write about the business lessons you get from different artists, the intricacies of the industry. Learn, educate, share your perspective and you’ll be surprised at just how many people in the world will join you as you talk about what you thought was only your passion.

The world is too big and has millions of people who love what you love.

This is what a few bearded guys learned and they built an ginormous tribe around their beards.


Now that you know you can lead, are you going to pick yourself and blaze the trail?