Marketing isn’t lying!

Selling, at least I think, needn’t be about you convincing other people about things that aren’t true in order to make a sale!

It ought not to be about faking it until you make it, either.

It should not consist of you barraging people with sales talk all the time because you gotta make the most of the airtime you are granted.

It shouldn’t even smell of desperation. A desperate man will do anything; he is dangerous when in that state.

Shouting at your prospects isn’t the way to go.

Treating people the same ought not to be your modus operandi.

Be thoughtful!

When selling, don’t fall into the trap of being selfish. Give. Try touching people, instead of always taking from them.

Be respectful.

Do not assume “people are stupid” just like your competitors (and some of your colleagues) do and thus dumb down your work.

Marketing isn’t shallow.

It is absolute art!

Marketing definitely isn’t the message(s) you publish on billboards, online media platforms or traditional media channels.

Marketing, interestingly, is the actual product you make, the service you render. It is the way you answer your phone when clients call. It also extends to being the way you write, eloquently speak and tell stories; the sort of life you live even.

Marketing is the way you make us feel.

And if you are bullshitting us, we will find out. We are humans, that ability is hardwired in us.

Make us feel something with your stories. And we’ll trumpet your narrative further than you imagined possible.