Blogging. A chance to grow and open yourself up.

Share Your Story. Themba Jay

I remember thinking about whether or not to attach my name to my blog. Or, should I rather name it away from my name, about the subject I am going to write about? I thought I had to be ‘creative’ with it. After wrecking my brain against all the ideas, I decided to make it short and cool — according to my own standards of course.

Thus, came to life.

Where are you with the process of creating your own platform where you create and publish your perspective. Perhaps you’re feeling despondent and have stopped being creative — I know that slump all too well. What do you talk about or wish to talk about?

Just maybe, you’re more worried about the traffic to your platform, or lack thereof. Maybe you need such validation to feel confident about what you’re doing. I’d suggest you start looking for validation inside of you. That’s what matters. You control the outside world with what emanates from the inside.

Anyway, with all that written and done, understand one thing. If you treat your blog site with the respect and serious-ness it deserves, it will do a lot of amazing things for you. And equally, if you regard it as “just another thing” you do, it won’t give the desired results.

Through what you publish on it, the blog inevitably becomes an extension of yourself. A replica of your thoughts.

I believe blog sites (and other social media, for that matter) are platforms that open you up in ways unimaginable. Example: your blog’s content? It tells me what sort of person you are, your level of intelligence somewhat and your writing ability. It’s a psychological thing from that standpoint.

With our activity on online platforms, we leave clues about who we are, what we love, hate, we display our personalities, worldviews and our persuasions on different subjects. A blog is no less. I would even argue that it is an amazing opportunity to showcase the things you’re talented at (and perhaps those you suck at, too) and the value you can bring in any space you enter.

Here’s a tip: use your blog as a practice ground to better the level and skill of your writing. Be obsessed with putting out great content, even if it’s just your opinions about love, business, art, success, et cetera.

I believe writing reveals quite a lot about a person. So, ultimately, your blog needs to walk into boardrooms and meetings ahead of you — it needs to sell you when you are not in the room to do it yourself.

For this example in real life, visit the site and just read their writing on there. It’s out of this world. Classy, short and intelligent. Or take a look at how a trio from Soweto, South Africa, rose in the art and media space with their amazing project that now affords them opportunities to travel and impact the world — I See A Different You.

On the other hand, artist extraordinaire Nelson Makamo is busy turning his Instagram account into a state of the art gallery — sharing his story.

Use your blog to say what you feel, grow, have impact on the world, establish connections and market yourself.

And whatever you do… just tell the world the truth!