Writing well is a necessity

Sometime in the summer of 2005, whilst in Grade 9, I received my first ovation after delivering a brief talk in an English class.

What’s impressive is that it took me less than 15 minutes to prepare it after having been absent the previous day and consequently, totally unaware of the assignment.

From as long as I can remember, I have always loved to write. In primary and the beginning of high school, I wrote slower than other kids, as if to carefully craft every letter and get an eloquent message across.

At the time, I didn’t do it with the full knowledge that I wanted to tell stories professionally. I just loved it for no apparent reason.

Now, you might think writing and cultivating the ability to tell a decent story is a pursuit preserved for Writers. But that’s very far from the truth!

You, too, need the ability to reel people in and make interesting conversation. It is essential for both your social life and the role you take on in the boardroom.

For me, it is crucial you are able to write because it is the impression you make with the words you pen that matters. In the connected world in which we live today we write far more than we make calls.

Your spelling in the email you recently sent to a potential sponsor matters greatly; you often get judged by how you write in such instances.

To let you in on something, this is how many individuals think in professional and business settings: “If you don’t even take the time and exert effort into how your email is spelled and sounds, I will assume you don’t take me or my time seriously as well!”

Harsh? I think not!

In many ways, I had been preparing for that moment in the English class for a few years with my incessant reading, writing, and the soliloquies I had every single day in order to speak better.

I am glad I did myself that favour.