Where you are going, you’ve already been

My walk on Themba Jay

It is sad that many people — I have been there, too — dumb down just what they are capable of doing and achieving.

It seems as though as we go through life and jump through hurdles, we swiftly forget the strength, emotional balance and intelligence it took to even get to where we find ourselves today.

It really beats me. We run in circles. Soon enough, we are back where we once were.

As soon as another exciting opportunity presents itself, we are already asking ourselves whether we are qualified enough to do it. In the event of being amongst greatness, “Am I good enough to even be in the presence of such esteemed people?” “Look at where I come from, I don’t deserve to be leading this talented team!” “I mean, I did not have the privilege of studying beyond high school.”

We are always on the look out for reasons why we are not worthy of grand opportunities and growth.

What is messed up with this phenomenon is that even in the face of overwhelming evidence of our greatness, we still rummage through our conscious to find disapproving evidence.

You might have heard this referred to as Imposter Syndrome. A state where you feel like a fraud. You know, when you feel like all the victories you’ve been able to achieve in your life can be traced down to luck. That sooner or later you’ll be caught out for the failure that you really are.

Our talents. Greatness. Intelligence. And other awesome features about us are under constant siege from these contradictory feelings. We need constant affirmation, and often enough, we seek that affirmation from people who have no business giving it to us.

The only way is to rely on ourselves. To round our hands right to the back and pat ourselves proudly. Train ourselves to believe we are valuable, worthy and smart enough to be in the situations that sometimes intimidate us.

There’s only one truth and it is simple yet profound…

Where you are going, you’ve already been. You are enough!