Who’s up for an adventure?

Passion over caution.

Those three words have since become my mantra after watching a movie called, Journey to The Mysterious Island. It stars big man, Dwayne Johnson.

Anyway, it’s a journey of a young man, Joey, who gets sent to an island that’s centuries old by his grandfather through coded messages. The interesting part of it is that the island just might not exist. And what’s more, it is a dangerous journey to embark on. If they go, they might be effectively digging up their graves. (Dwayne is the adventurous teenager’s step father.)

The naïveté of the young scientific explorer or, stupidity, depending on how you look at it, throws the four of them (they subsequently met a father and daughter whom they hired to fly them into the island) right into a quagmire.

What followed was really an awesome experience. Not without barely escaping for their lives from the jungle’s creatures. The decision to go explore had them experiencing what no other human being on earth will possibly experience in their lifetime. Seeing and experiencing far-off treasures.

And that’s the point of this post. Training ourselves to lean toward igniting and then fully following our passions over pandering to our overly cautious inclinations.

Of course, that is difficult to achieve because it seems to be what we do very well — hiding ourselves. You know, the careful choosing of well-marked paths over roads with no trails. We just often never do it unless we are eventually forced by circumstances to survive.

We say no to things we are supposed to agree to. We never willingly want to explore the exciting opportunities. We opt for safe ones. You might have heard from other people justifying them as “low hanging fruit”. And the ones who chase ambitious and dangerously exciting pursuits are often branded as crazy.

Personally, I have reached a point where I am teaching myself to be more comfortable and happy to pose the question Joey’s grandfather was fond of asking:

So, who’s up for an adventure?