The insight I got when I recently sat in the toilet and did a podcast


Not that I went to the lavatory to record the podcast specifically (although its quiet nature certainly came in handy). I found myself there and my mind wondered around what I want to talk to the world about and I did exactly that.

That has been my focus in the last few months — documenting the work I do, where I go and even more, my thoughts on things I think matter. And giving my take on them.

I started realising the importance of putting out my thoughts into the world when I got called into an interview at Cerebra, a social media agency that’s part of the Wunderman Group of companies. (I ended up getting the internship.)

The resumé I sent through was unconventional. It was a well written article about myself on my blog. The thinking behind that creation was, “I have a platform on which I publish, why not use it to make a résumé that is a story, instead of short blurbs that mean nothing much?”

Which is how I feel about a lot of the résumé templates out there. They provide facts about a person and often nothing about who the person is, their personality and their thought process. I believe when a person is tasked with telling a short story about themselves, their personality and how they think comes to the fore because their writing reveals far more than a few bulleted points could ever do.

And I was able to ace the story about myself because of my knack for writing well. Once called up, one of the people interviewing me told me honestly that I didn’t have enough digital media experience and that normally I would not be sitting with them in an interview. He continued to say that my résumé was a breath of fresh air, creative and it was the reason I was in the room with them.

My educated guess is: the way I made the application gave clues into how I think and my level of creativity somewhat.

The application, if Seth Godin were to describe it, was a purple cow (do yourself a favour and read Seth’s book, Purple Cow. It’s a mind-twisting piece of work that will transform how you think about your work). It stood out among the copious amounts of résumés sent through for the internship. It gave me a foot in the door. (I made sure to drag the other one in when given the chance.)

That’s the power of documenting who you are, what you are about, your hustle and what you are trying to achieve. I documented myself and showed intention to work at Cerebra, and the storytelling aspect of the application was more powerful than a generic template.

So, when I was sitting in the lavatory, I had a topic in mind to speak on, a smart phone with audio recording and a pair of earphones and that was it. To me, it was a complete studio. I poured my thoughts onto the recorder just like I have done with this article.

(For my podcasts, see my SoundCloud profile.)

Because of this, I now think something, say it and then publish it. This has become my formula. It is the reason I am enjoying making videos so much, whereas I was more into making stories through writing than speaking.

I have found the things I love talking about through this blog and now, I am converting those stories into audio and video form.

Anyway, enough about me…

What do you love talking about? Think that through and start using the tools you have at your disposal to document your journey as you go and learn through it.