I cherish conversations with people with brilliant minds and beautiful hearts

What started off as an exchange about empathy being a key to winning in life turned into a deep discussion on the importance of telling ourselves the truth. Even if it’s difficult to swallow. The whole point of self introspecting, of course, is to admit things you’d rather not in front of other people.

I believe when you tell yourself the raw truth, you are halfway there.

About empathy. It is crucial that you have empathy. I actually love using it. More importantly, though, it is necessary to be available. Time and other types of resources are valuable, but people are more valuable. And that informs why some of the most successful people around are ones who genuinely care about people. When they make music, or create any other type of work, you feel it in their delivery that they want to connect with someone and make an impact on them. Business people who genuinely care about their employees and customers make far more than money.

Those are the people who understand that even though time is limited, them making an effort to touch others positively is the best investment they can ever make with their time.

Self introspection. So, I recently wrote a hard and deeply honest blog post about my inconsistency. How I, for instance, love and enjoy jogging to maintain fitness only when my life is good. In other words, when it’s convenient. And that habit crosses over to other things.

This has been my biggest downfall.

I decided to title the article, “The Reasons I Am Not a Millionaire Yet”. I understand there is so much I could have achieved had it not been for my inconsistency.

Of late, I have been spending time alone and telling myself the truth that’s hard to swallow. Because in all honesty, that is the only way to grow and overcome all the things that inhibit my greatness.

The video version of that article is up on YouTube. Sternly titled, Inconsistency Will Kill You.

One of the major transitions I have recently made is deciding to diversify my stories. Turning my articles, for example, into short videos then into podcasts is exciting precisely because I haven’t been showing the world my personality nearly enough. I haven’t been putting myself out there.

I am now reminded of Jazz pianist Robert Glasper. Specifically at the end of one of his songs, where he chats to Bilal Oliver about how the level of music and artistry has gone down. What moved me about creating phenomenal work is when he said, “I think the best thing you can do for people is to just be honest man!”

As an artist and creator, I live by that notion of telling the world the truth. I turn myself inside out and spill my guts onto my blog, YouTube channel, et cetera.

It has been an interesting transition. I am loving it!

Finally. One of the things I’ve picked up is that for a lot of people, it is difficult to take the first step toward making their goals come to fruition. I suffered from this, too. I would make awesome sounding excuses about a lack of resources or the time not being quite right. And I would always be able to buy myself time. Much to my detriment.

Starting is a big hurdle. So what do we do? We debate, we strategise, we think, reflect, debate some more and forecast. Instead of creating.

All this insight from a WhatsApp group chat with friends one evening further entrenched my love for conversation. I found myself scrolling up, re-reading the discussion when everyone was asleep because there’s almost nothing like mind changing information. Phrased differently, there’s nothing compared to a deep conversation with people with brilliant minds and beautiful hearts.

So please bear with me. I blame such conversations for my not keeping quiet 🙂