Are people lazy to read long form writing?

That is what many people believe, I have noticed.

I would argue differently, though. That people are capable of reading longer pieces. As long as the stories are great and well written. The human brain is too powerful — it easily handles art that is intricate.

Well, I confidently say that because it has been my experience with my own blog — .

I have recently been writing works over 1200 words, and then I wrote one that is just over 3500 words and the latter became one of my most popular blogs I have written. Go figure!

So, I am of the opinion that it is absolutely unnecessary — not to mention dumb — to dilute your work and not produce the best work possible on the account that “people are lazy, man” or, my favourite, “people just won’t get it”.

Please. Go on and do exceptional work that challenges the very people it is intended for.

That’s precisely what I am doing. Do join me.