She left her innocence and vulnerability with me

The night fell upon us
It was a fulfilling time
Painful at the same time
Be thankful for tough times
It’s when I helped gather all the pieces of her heart
That’s when it all started

Slowly, but surely
She gained her confidence back

It made me happy

After I helped save her

We had some awesome times together
Because there was nothing or anyone else there, all we had was each other
I even gained the trust of people she regards dear

In the face of helplessness
All I could offer her was my time
A space for her to be vulnerable
Great company
Some lightheartedness when life got unbearable
And my undivided attention

During that mostly painful time…
I never let her down – that’s how I now get decent sleep when night descends

Irrespective of whether we now are…

Never mind!


By her own admission
That was a big deal!
Her being an openly open book for me
She made sure I respected that
And I did
We’ve only ever argued once
No. Twice

The second time was fatal for our relationship

Look where we are now


We are all people
We get our self confidence trampled upon badly from time to time
Our emotions are a big deal
They are tricky

We need each other

Hence tears are inevitable
I’ve seen rivers of them in my time
I have the privilege of being trusted

I’ve helped gather the pieces of many people’s hearts

I am naturally empathetic
I am understanding

I comforted her fears
Warded off her insecurities
She made me feel alive
We could talk for hours on end
Late into the night
Early morning
Any time

Just as the night fell upon us, months earlier
She wept in my presence

It was to be the last time

Now was a better time

Happiness all round this time
Be thankful for tough times
Great times are around the corner
It’s when I realised the importance of my helping her gather all the pieces of her heart

Ironically, that’s when our falling apart started
Right after the storm was starting to clear
And things looked up
We fell
It was unbelievable
After all we had been through together
It was unfair
It was sad
It rattled my brain
Ravaged my heart
Made me bitter
I just did not understand


Couldn’t the love be prolonged?
For some time, I was lost
Couldn’t we at least celebrate?

I suppose not

I… uh…
Take pride in that I didn’t leave any negative impact behind
Only goodness
Truckloads of kindness
I didn’t think it’d be this easy for her to let us go that easily

We deal with things differently
I suppose

It makes me happy to hold on to our experiences
Awesome memories

Because, in moments of deep trust…

She left her innocence and vulnerability with me
She left it all with me.