Live what you do

My father ran a car tyre repair and sales business for a very long time. My entire childhood, actually. Wait. Before I was born even. And he was a master at his work — there was nothing he did not know about tyres and cars, for that matter.

When given a chance to spend time with him, one of the things you would take notice was the pristine condition of his own cars and the tyres he fitted them. The cars were immaculate in the way of performance and his tyres, always had treads. He never wanted to find himself driving with worn out tyres.

He took offence at the thought.

And anyway, it wouldn’t have made any sense at all if he was willing to drive around using old tyres where as he ran a business that dealt with tyres. Because that would have said quite a lot about his own work.

So, I feel that whatever type of work you do, you need to be your work. Personify what you say you love and are good at.

I am always super stunned at people who, say, are (copy) writers, social media strategists and consultants who advise people on how they can use online media platforms for their personal brands, projects or businesses where as their own platforms never offer the feeling that they are good at their work.

Their own platforms don’t shout their expertise.

I would marvel at a person who does landscaping when their own garden looks amazing. This way, they don’t need to break their back to prove their skill. Their own garden is their reference of they’re good at.

You are a Writer? Let your status updates and tweets give an idea of what you do and how you good you are. And of course, this doesn’t mean you need to write long and novel-like posts, but the posts need to be writer-ly in the way of tone, technique and skill. Tell a story through a single four sentence tweet.

You are a social media consultant? Let your own Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, et cetera, page give clear indication of that.

Do a beautiful job for yourself first and then carry that to other people and solve their problems.