Why you need to get better at social media

There are many reasons why people need to get better at telling their stories and using online media.

I will take you back to a time when the world changed from farming to industry. People needed to quickly learn new skills that were going to make them productive in an economy that then needed abilities of handling complex machinery. The industrial era was very different from ploughing fields and harvesting.

The same is true today. A professional – whatever profession they may be – needs to learn about the nuances of how to communicate to the world in a modern way. This is because people’s attention has shifted dramatically, to mobile phones and online platforms.

More than ever before, you are exposed to many platforms from which you learn and I suppose, have fun, too. And a large amount of information is now created and stored online. Now, the number one reason you need to know the workings of online media is because as a professional in your field, you will do a far more significant job when your behaviour and the way you do and market your work matches the world as it exists today.

So, for professionals in various industries today, I believe being savvy around this form of communication (the internet and social media) is crucial. Because the world has changed dramatically and needs understanding of how we can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, blogs, et cetera, to build great online profiles that speak on our behalf when we are not in the room to do it ourselves.

Here is an interesting idea: Imagine if you had a teacher who understood and loved social media. So much so that when they get home after classes they jot down things they learn every day from teaching you and then go on to compile topics and information their students– you – need to learn. They then publish those thoughts on their blog and direct you to it. Now, easily, those blog posts the Educator publishes can be turned into detailed notes you study at your own time. This way, you get an opportunity to get inside your teacher’s head, and you can engage on the topics with the teacher and other students on the blog. What is amazing is that the engagements are kept online and you can revisit them whenever you need to brush up on your knowledge.

A blog is just one example which shows how, with more understanding of online media, we can communicate, teach and spread our knowledge in interesting ways. In ways that match the realities of our world today – a world that is vastly connected than any other generation ever has been.

I love telling stories about my life, the things I learn and go through. I enjoy the process of becoming better at knowing myself and mastering my work because I share all my knowledge and because I write or speak to document my experiences, I get better at these two things. Which are my work.

And most of all, I enjoy helping other people elevate themselves through their stories.