A writerly love affair

Themba is writing;
Writing is Jay

My sights are set firmly,
Bravely, I may even,
On my eventually becoming one of the best
To ever walk – and write – the earth

My writing makes me high
My writing gets me by
The love I have for it;
Makes me cry
Takes me high

It’s a wonderful love affair

Rights some of society’s wrongs
And, my wrongs

On a page, I’m unencumbered
The art soothes my heart

My writing
It’s a wonderful gift
Lets me take giant emotional leaps
Helps many others who dare read
Judge not a pursuit by the number of people who take heed
Mine makes me live
Helps me think
My writing offers perspective
Bares emotions;
Conspicuously for me to deal with
My writing shares thoughts; goals; and dreams

It’s a beautiful, tumultuous affair

Absolute art
A pursuit after my own heart
Go a day without weaving some sentence?
I just can’t!

This, though . . .
Such a love affair
Total bliss
Affords me the opportunity to parade my flair

If I am honest,
I am loved up;
This affair’s punctuated
Devastatingly so,
I often tell the world
My writing is quintessential
Defines me
We’re inseparable

I see my writing ability as a superpower
So much more than merely meshing sentences together
It’s about the words,
When deftly used,
That are able to stir feelings
Rile up
Make happy
It’s the ability to touch another
Not with hands
Some magical thing that, I tell ya!

An august, awe-inspiring, affair

A communicator’s tool;
My writing
Expresses a point
Evokes life
Imparts knowledge; culture
Spreads ideas
Brings minds closer

My writing makes for . . .
. . . when in conversation,
A riveting mental experience
A transference of what I think
To another; who passes it on
And so on, it marches
Leaving an invisible trail of change
Emotional impact

It’s a passionate love affair
I have with words
My dear writing
So beautiful
Super useful
So delicate
A pursuit

Just . . .
Give me a pen
And I can fly
The writing by my side
The writing; the air beneath my wings
For the power to impact the external,
Nestles inward
The spirit I keep inside;
It’s where the master key
As it were,
Of life,
Can be found

With writing, I unlock myself
Expand myself
And recreate
This is my blueprint

A blank page is like a completely open road
Without impediments
It allows me
To carry myself with an absurd confidence
On a page,
I swagger about
With a teasing touch of arrogance
My writing brings out the best in me
Makes me a showoff
Perhaps I am that, naturally;
Neither here nor there.
Exposes the myriad layers within
Spills out my guts
I can’t hide anything when writing

In that sense
It has a personality of its own
Sweet tumult
That I experience, daily, with it
Sheer love
This is

It makes me smile amidst impossible circumstances
Makes me laugh
And look at the world differently
Every interaction is a (potential) story
And you know,
When I’m in emotional doldrums
I write myself sick
Then smile at the oddity of it all
The naughty inongruity
Toss my head back jovially
As if to say,
To myself,
“Ai, but the gods!”

It’s a perfect love affair
Menacing at times
Beautiful nonetheless
It fulfils me
Of course, makes me
A much better person
Makes me squirm with delight
After bouts of intense writerly passion
We lay in each other’s arms
Long and still
Meditating over what the gods have done
By bringing us together

Writing transforms me
Calls on me to do more
To raise the bar for myself
Every single time
With every single word written
I get a tad better
For me,
My mind,
My soul,
Gives of a single idea
A blank page
An unformed story
Yet to take any sort of shape
So, then, with a single page
I have double the emotional impact
On my readers

It makes me a proud man
A cent’s worth of resources
A page and a dripping pen
Often turned into a rand’s worth of trouble
My writing; my superpower
What would I be without?
This was meant to be.

Themba is writing;
Writing is Jay

And, if I do not make full use of these blessings,
I will lose them forever
A sobering reminder
Thrusts me farther into this love affair

I also happen to believe,
In immersing oneself
I look at it this way,
When I do something,
Channel all my energy into it,
I’ll reach a stage where I become it;
And it becomes me
Hence, MY writing; I own it
I am immersed in it
The pursuit of being,
A virtuoso

So, again,
Judge not a pursuit
Whatever passion propels you
By the number of people who take heed
Because the truth eventually wins
Irrespective of who listens

There is something spiritual about getting better
Practicing more
Getting even better
At what you love doing;
This is precisely how I feel
About my writerly affair

I’ll happily confess,
It isn’t a burden
To love something like it
My writing
For it has so much to give
To myself
To the world at large
So much!
Emotional transformation
From my writing
Awaits to spill out and spread
There’s greatness in it!

For without it;
I would be an unmitigated disaster

My writing is the way
My writing happens every day
Trails of ink-magic left in many a page
My writing keeps me sane
My writing numbs the pain
Allows me to freely wail
My writing straightens my life in many ways

Themba is writing;
Writing is Jay

An eloquent love affair!