It’s a perfect evening (or, is it?)

Just a few minutes go, I left the house to go gaze at the sky. Okay, okay. I’ll be honest: I went out to take a pee. And I felt the breeze on my skin as it permeated and occupied space. Absolutely peaceful.

After I was done relieving myself, I promptly decided to take a walk along the street. I went past six houses and stood firmly in one spot for a few minutes. I was thinking. About a lot of things – my life, talents, money, opportunity, making my dreams a reality, amongst other things – and what’s interesting is, I cannot really tell you precisely, pin down, what I was thinking about. But I was thinking. Deeply. That’s all I know.

It was a very brief walk, but full of action. Action you can’t really see. To put it another way: I did a lot of thinking in that short period; in precisely six minutes, I delved deep into myself and wrestled with the heavy and painful things I am currently going through.

If I were to juxtapose my guts and the outer world, the difference would be vast.

Because it’s a perfect evening. The sky clear, breathtakingly dark, full of tiny yet blinding speckles, the vast dark space all around is beautiful tonight.

Leave the majestic outer world and venture into my soul, and there, you’ll find troubling matters wearing me down. You’ll find a fiercely contested wrestling match between me and them. They are my enemies, who, of course, are also there to strengthen me. Make me a better person.

Someone once uttered words about diamonds being created through heat. Something along those lines.

Anyway, I finally strolled back home.

I gently shut the door behind me and proceeded to the couch where my mobile phone and earphones lay. Put on Maxwell’s song, “Lifetime”, and wrote this note you are now reading.