De-cluttering and starting anew

Efficiency steps in the moment you get rid of clutter and achieve total simplicity.

Things presented simply attract attention and stand out because of our inclination to complicate the life out of things.

The big lie that has come to be worshipped (albeit privately): Complicated and intricate translates into impressive.

It’s precisely the reason we often come across people who make things with unnecessary features and ornamentation. Things that are bloated and useless.

By the same token, we take that mindset and use it to live our lives.

And so we find ourselves having ‘friends’ we don’t need, you know, those toxic people we’ve sworn innumerable times that we’ll part ways with. We keep them around us anyhow, much to our detriment. We go to parties we’d rather not because we don’t want to admit to ourselves (and others) that they are utterly useless to spend time on. We never bring ourselves to turn our backs on people because, well, what are they going to think of us?

So we waste precious time tip toeing around utter bullshit!

In my case then . . . I’ve recently found the need to get rid of all things I once deemed important. You know, stuff I thought I couldn’t live without, because I’d grown accustomed to. Of course that’s absurd because at some point I didn’t have that which I now fear losing.

I took my time back. I stopped fussing over other people more than I do about myself. I took my skills back. I stopped giving away my writing prowess and knowledge – giving it away willy-nily. I’ve found that it’s often hard to appreciate the immense value inherent in the things which we get for nothing.

I realised I was doing gymnastics for people who didn’t deserve it. More sadly, I had been giving away, carelessly even, my time, skills and value that’s worth endless zeros.

I dropped standards on something so valuable; Themba Jay.

Now, I am raising them back up!

To reverse that, I am spending time by myself for a while and fighting the urge to jump to attention as soon as someone else wants my time and presence. (Although I enjoy it . . .) It’s been incredibly depleting playing emotional hero to other people while neglecting myself in the process.

Anyway, lessons heeded.

Total value surfaces when you get rid of things useless, begin to treat yourself as a god and make peace with the fact that I won’t respect you or what you do when you don’t demonstrate it by holding yourself to exacting standards.

Start now. Get rid of distractions and start anew.
I have, and it feels un (fuckin’) believable!