No love dying

William Stitt on Themba Jay
Image: William Stitt /


For reasons we thought best
We parted ways

She cried
A lot
Her eyes swell

I was miserable
I wrote myself into a stupor
Though pithy, our text conversations were intense
She wasn’t going to let it be
She let me know
There’ll be no love dying here

It seemed as though she was going to completely break down
We’d decided not to meet for a while
We were putting out the fire our decision sparked

It was supposed to be for the best
We’d thought it through
We’d talked it through

But, we couldn’t stop thinking about each other

We were working backwards, for whenever we texted each other – the fire re-ignited
A simple ‘Hello’ sent waves through our hearts

We were in love
We eliminated time and space whenever we looked at each other

She cried some more
It was insane!

To comfort her . . . I sent her voice notes via WhatsApp
I said this, that and the other thing
And she shivered from joy
She’d always loved my voice
Went crazy over my being well-spoken

And just like that!

We were back to square one! 🙂