Conversation and emotions

Themba Jay enjoys conversation-making
For myself, there’s no alternative to intense human connections

It is fascinating, I find it, for a human being to talk about their issues and some time after that, feel better.

Lighter. Upbeat.

It is astounding.

I mean, you haven’t solved the problem(s) yet. Just merely spoke about them. Talking has that much impact.

I am always impressed, for instance, by how much clarity I get while talking and processing a matter that weighs heavily on me. There are answers and solutions I would have failed to arrive at if I wasn’t willing to openly talk about things I go through.

Hence I like opening up now.

I have not been the best at it before.

Apologies to my beautiful ex-girlfriends!

I am aware I was a hassle to deal with, emotionally speaking . . .

I would expect them to open up to me, and they did, but I wouldn’t be willing to reciprocate and open up and be vulnerable in turn.

I have to tell you: they opened up to me because of my, what’s the word — aura. My emotional energy. I have a knack of making another person be at ease with me and naturally, then have them feel safe to talk about anything; instinctively, they tend to know that they can jump into the gory details and it will all go on without their being negatively judged.

People find healing and a certain level of perspective (light bulb moments, if you like) through talking to me.

And this is a gift I don’t take lightly.

Anyway, I am in a much better place now. I am emotionally attuned, matured. And as a result of this, I am able to bleed in front of people, through my blog and other platforms — through this reflection you are reading.

It is an interesting emotional journey, having to work hard to change for the better some o’ my long-held character traits, strengthen my emotional arsenal, shift slightly how I see myself and all that jazz. It’s becoming important for me to master myself, by having control of my mind and deeply understand my emotions.

To a certain extent, I think this is partly the reason I love the art of conversation-making so much . . .

It is directly linked to heart strings.

Another thing: it helps with making incredibly moving human connections, which almost always turns into leaving an indelible mark every time you utter words.

You know what they say about how they may be forgetful of what you said, but will never forget how you made them feel.

Moving onward, double-click and zoom in and focus on that — conversation and emotions.