The gifted and enigmatic

“The gifted” are not some type of special people — different from the rest of the world or whatever.

Although, note . . .

They are cut from a slightly different cloth in that they dig deep inside of themselves, introspect and learn what they are good at and also, why. They interrogate what makes them special; where do their superpowers emanate from? — Other people just mightn’t have the energy to do that.

Knowing oneself is sooo important. So that, when magic happens around you, you know why. At times, it is not even your ability that makes certain things happen.

. . . knowing your clan, why your surname is what it is, how it became so, learning the praise-singing — izithakazelo zakini nomlando wazo, kubaluleke kabi-kabi! Any piece of information that might shed light on who you are ought to be treated with an urgency of some kind.

Another thing, understanding your emotions and having control of your mind, too, goes quite a long way — it makes you step into every room with absolute confidence.

Personally, I am finding that leaning toward myself and using the abilities that come to me as naturally as breathing (in order) to make the greatest impact makes perfect sense.

Which means, then, you also have all that you need to be great!

Mina ngibonga kubo o’MAHLOBO;


o’Shomela ka Mgijima;

o’Mpangazitha ka Malandela;




Ngakhokonke abangiphathise khona ukuthi ngikwazi ukubhekana nempilo!

Shwele! 🙌🏾