The name tag chronicle

Themba: Customers could rely on me

This name tag takes me back to days when I was a master at the till point in the retail sector. One of the best ever!

Fond memories.

And, because the job was customer facing, I was forced out of my shell and went on to build some of the most enduring relationships in my life. With enough practice, I became a great conversationalist.

The reason I had to even practice talking effectively to people was because my confidence was non-existent when I took on the job after my college stint came crashing spectacularly, mid-year 2012.

The branch I started working in was spacious, and often, to get a colleague’s attention on the other side of the store, I had to project my voice and say what I wanted to say. I was afraid of doing that at first, because being timid isn’t nice, but I gradually grew familiar with the pacy environment. To learn, I always looked and listened intently at my colleagues — how they interacted with each other and customers.

Month-end days were always a nightmare because of the amount of customers who descended to the store. One way or the other, I had to build my people skills, and do so fast!

And I have to say that it is not something circumstance forced on me — although I wanted it badly, too. (Before dropping out of college, I did media studies, with my major subject being Radio Production and Broadcasting.)

So, my vision were always pegged on doing work which involves talking with people. Coming to think of it, I have always enjoyed helping people think through mental blocks — funny, I did not even fathom that that’s precisely what Consulting is.

The work yanked me out my shell and I was happy to have gone through that experience. That job gave birth to a person who is eloquent and loves making emotional impact through words — and I wouldn’t exchange that for anything else.