Unnecessary baggage is easier to carry around nowadays

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Image: Unsplash.com/@rawpixel

We carry around and get attached to things we don’t really need, I recently thought, while having a conversation with myself.

Take for instance how we carry around tons of music on memory cards. Music we don’t exactly listen to. When we purge our music libraries, we easily find many songs we haven’t played in three months — or even more.

But we can’t bring ourselves to delete them. Do we need them?

Not really. Or else, we would find the time to enjoy them.

My guess is, as human beings, we easily get attached to things we own. Even if they don’t serve a significant role in our lives; we instead make these songs so significant ourselves that we can’t even stomach the idea of discarding them.

This phenomenon extends to our emotions, relationships, people (who are not good for us); because we’ve become accustomed to them, we keep them around for sentimental value. Beautiful past memories turn us into prisoners. So we worship the past, effectively showing zero respect to the present moments.

We either live in the past or too farther into the future. Hence we rush to get that smartphone upgrade we don’t really need; rush to buy a new pair of shoes or jeans we don’t need. We become so anxious that we struggle to pay no mind to the fashions sold to us as something new and worthy of having — at all costs even. We naïvely think a new item or girlfriend or boyfriend will make us feel anew, better and alive.

Living in constant chasing of the next best thing.

And technology, with its rapid pace, has not made any things better for us.

In the olden days, carrying around one gigabytes of storage was impossible. The devices capable of handling such amounts of space were gigantic. Today, however, it’s easier. So, we become victims of going through our lives reeling along un-necessary baggage.

It mightn’t seem that way because the baggage is digital; it baffles us because it is super lightweight.